Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Positive Body Reactions (Normal Symtomps) After Drinking KanGen Alkaline Water

Japan KanGen Water - At the beginning of consumption KanGen Water raised complaints that make us feel uncomfortable. For example nausea, dizziness, urinate frequently even a mild fever. And because of how uncomfortable we decided to stop the consumption of this healthy water. Though the symptoms we feel it is the beginning of the adaptation of our body. Adaptation to the state base into the body. Consider some of the normal symptoms that may arise after drinking KanGen Water.

  1. Mild fever and nausea, as a result of the disposal of toxins in the body (detoxification) and the resistance of the body of infection.
  2. Vomiting and diarrhea due to the disposal process toxins in the gut.
  3. Constipation, dark colored stools due to the process of removing toxins through the intestine.
  4. A lot of sweat and smelling of sweat glands due to detoxification in patients with obesity and hormonal imbalances.
  5. Acne, blackheads and skin allergies, itching, redness due to the disposal of toxins through the skin.
  6. Muscle pain, body aches, especially in patients with gout.
  7. Unstable blood pressure both in people with high blood pressure or low blood patients.
  8. Bleeding and colored more concentrated when coming months as detoxification reactions.
  9. Such as menstrual bleeding in postmenopausal women who are cleaning reaction reproductive organs.
  10. Whitish as the counter reaction of infection of the reproductive tract.
  11. Blood sugar levels are not stable or increased, nausea in people with diabetes is a reaction reactivation pancreas organ.
  12. Swelling of the body, hands, feet, frequent urination, especially in patients with renal and diabetes which is a reaction of the body excrete excess effort and toxic substances in the body.
  13. Urination helped out rubble in patients with kidney stones.
  14. Severe nausea, itching all over the body, insomnia, anxiety, fever, cramps, pain, in patients with cancerous tumors that are signs of resistance of the body against cancer tumor cells.

Such reactions cause discomfort and is different for each person as an early sign of improvement in the condition of the body. This was due to the disposal of residual toxins that settle in the intestine and cells of the body, but only temporarily. The cells will become active and unable to function normally after the rest of the toxins out. In addition to the body's defense system will be active again in a better condition.

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