Thursday, August 31, 2017

Best Water Supply for Kangen Ionizer Machine

How does the Kangen Water Machine work?

The Kangen Water machine works by separating the water of raw materials having pH 7 (neutral water) into two types of water: alkaline water and acidic water through an ionization process on platinum-plated electrode plates present inside the engine. 

What kind of water source is suitable as raw water for the enagic engine * Kangen Water *?

Suitable water source is water with a pH of 7, and contains minerals. In developed countries such as Singapore, America, Japan, etc., where water from the plumbing can be drunk directly, Kangen Water Machine can be connected with the faucet from the tap water. 

Unlike the case in several countries where the tap water can not be directly drunk, then we have to install additional prefilter to filter water from the faucet, to fit into the Kangen Water Machine.These additional prefilter are sold separately and consist of 2-3 kinds of prefilter or more ie ion filter, KDF and antibacteria. For information, the Tap water in each countries is different in quality. If your tap water is very unqualified (such as the water is too dirty, cloudy or smelly) we suggest to be more secure you use mineral water or refillable mineral water as a raw for water to enter the machine of Kangen Water become more secure and not burdensome engine performance, and can produce alkaline water that is really maximal for your health. 

For those of you who use gallon mineral water as raw material, special additional tool needed in the form of mini generator to suck water from gallon into Kangen Water machine. The tool is called FLOWJET Water Pump Machine.

Can I use RO water (Reverse Osmosis) or Distilated Water (distilled water) as raw material?

Kangen Water machine can not use RO water and Flood Water because these two types of water does not contain minerals. Minerals usually contained in water have been "lifted" through the RO / Distillation process, thus making the water "EMPTY" and acidic (if tested the pH ranges from 5-6).
Kangen Water machine itself is in need of mineral ions in the water to make the electrolysis process. So only water that contains only minerals that can be used as raw materials on the machine Kangen Water.

Can I use well water / ground water?

Depending on the location and quality of your well water. If your well water is classified as clean, then it could be used as raw water. Well water does contain minerals, but the problem of using well water / ground water is usually this water still contains "Free Carbon Dioxide" so that when tested its pH is usually acidic.

When you try to raise the pH through the Kangen Water machine with raw water coming from well water, it is usually not appropriate or inappropriate as it should (the water pH of its OUTPUT is lower than it should be). 

Not all well water is acidic, there are also in certain areas that have good water in very well quality and have a neutral pH so that the water is suitable to use for water raw materials Kangen Water machine (usually the areas are still beautiful and far from environmental pollution has a very good water well / groundwater quality too). 

If you use well water / groundwater it is recommended that before the water goes into the machine, you need to install the water treatment and ADDITIONAL PREFILTER so that bacteria, the metals coming from the soil are filtered to clean first so that it will not burden the filter performance inside the machine Kangen Water.

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