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What Maintenance should I do on Kangen Water machine?

Routine care that you should do on Kangen Water machine is to perform E-cleaning procedure every 2 weeks. This is to keep the Kangen Water engine electrode plate clean from the deposited mineral. If you never do this, it will interfere with engine performance. Regarding the procedure of E-Cleaning, it comes in the manual that comes with the machine, or you can open it on youtube. 

Why after several months of owning Kangen Water machine, when producing alkaline water, there is a white deposit on Kangen water coming out of the machine? 

The white deposit is calcium. Calcium deposits accumulate in the machine if you do not perform E-cleaning procedures periodically. Immediately perform the E-Cleaning procedure to keep the Kangen Water engine electrode plate clean and the machine working optimally.

There are 3 Stages of Cleaning Machine Procedure of KanGen Water :


It's automatically told the machine, usually every 35-50 liters of production. And after creating Strong Kangen - Strong Acid, notice cleaning will appear. At the time of Notice Cleaning take place, the water pipe up and down in the waste or accommodated in the wastewater. 


Non automatic, just guessed, usually 2-4 weeks of use of the machine.


Can only be 1-2x / year, can be brought to Enagic at a cost of USD $50, but we can also do Ourself at home. Deep cleaning done if the results Kangen Water or Strong Kangen (pH 11.5) or Strong Acid less good results, but already in the right way or have a lot of dandruff that is not lost.

* E Cleaning *

Category: a lot of production, every day minimum production of Kangen Water 100 liters, E-cleaning its 2 weeks. Or Raw Water uses ground water / tap water, E-cleaning its 2 weeks. When using Water refill, E-cleaning can be 4 weeks (Except refill in area containing high lime, preferably remain every 2 weeks E-cleaning).
E-cleaning approximately every production 1400 liters. 

E-cleaning: (manual page 31) ⭐ 1x every 1-2 weeks, 1-2 sachet citric acid (enagic) or about 4 tablespoons citric acid packing kilograms. Depending on the production of water as much as what. The more water production, the more dirty the machine, the more often it is cleaned, the more citric acid it needs. 

Turn off the engine, unplug the power. Release inner filter. Take a cleaner bowl of the contents of the medicine (1 sachet or as needed). Place the medicine bowl in place of the inner filter, make sure the rubber ring is installed properly. Lock the bowl well. 

Drain the water from the pump / tap, passing the machine Kangen about 1 liter, some accommodate in the glass, about 3/4 cup. Unite the bottom pipe and pipe up, put in a glass that has been filled with water. Soak the mouth of the top pipe + the bottom pipe in the glass. Minimum 3 - 5 hours, can be up to 12 hours (preferably done at night, when the machine is not in operation.

Take a large bucket, turn the pump / tap discharge. Take a clear glass, check the top of the water pipe, see if there is still dandruff (white powder) on the water. Until water dandruff is gone. If there is still water dandruff, pour water until it is definitely lost. 

Put back the inner filter, turn on the pump / faucet, check whether there is no dandruff. Then turn on the electricity, enter the Strong Acid menu. Create a little Strong Acid (for notice cleaning rod). Go to Kangen Water menu (pH 8.5 or 9 or 9.5), notice cleaning. 

DO NOT USE Kangen Water, while check there is no dandruff and purple pH. E-cleaning finish when there is no purple dandruff and pH, Kangen Water ready to drink. 

Tips to keep the Machine Plate well maintained

1. Do Not Use High TDS water supply. Suggestion between 60 - 70. Use Resin and ceramic Pre-Filters if raw lime excess.
2. The water debit is not too small during JKW production.
3. Familiarize the production of Beauty Water every day after producing Kangen Water in a long time / much production.
4. Immediately do E Cleaning / Deep Cleaning if dandruff indication already exists.

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