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Leveluk JRII Reviews - Super Water for Many Diseases

The JRII has three solid electrode plates which reduces the energy consumption. Due to the solid platinum-coated titanium plates, this unit can still produce the strong acid and strong Kangen waters. Due to the lower power consumption and fewer plates, this machine is only recommended for singles or couples. Families should consider one of the more robust models above due to the amount of output required.

Capable of producing 5 types of water:
  • Kangen Water
  • Clean Water
  • Acidic (beauty) water
  • Strong Kangen water
  • Strong Acidic water

AC 120V, 60Hz (grounded)
Complete with 1 High-grade filter, 1 cleaning cartidge, Electrolysis Enhancer, diverters and product literature.

The LeveLuk JRII is the First Choice of us (Japan KanGen Water) when become the enagic International distributor. It was according to our budget, because it has the middle price from other machine, so we purchased this from our Sponsor.

At the first time using this machine to change our home and family drinking water, we didn't believe that this kind of water can do something to our body. But untill several days we felt that many different, the body feel like more fit than before, our family with Rheumatic now can walk without any pain in the legs and knees.

Other family member feel better after drinking this water everyday, even there's a patient with Cronic Kidney Failure was canceled to get Haemodyalisis, wow, we think that this is super machine ever made in the world. Now, we are still selling this machine to everyone who need to change their life in all over the world.

Our primary goal is to teach you on EXACTLY which is the perfect choice, so we’ve compiled these KanGen Water machine reviews to better assist you to, and to explain the pros and cons. We additionally share the results of our research on several of the leading water ionizer machines.

Nonetheless, with so many firms offering imitation Kangen Water machines and different water ionizers, and together with your well being on the road, it’s essential to not base your decision solely on 3rd social gathering reviews.

Energy Saving!

The JRII machine has three solid electrode plates that scale back power consumption. As a result of platinum-plated titanium plates, this unit can nonetheless produce sturdy acid (sturdy acid) and strong Kangen water (robust Kangen water).

As a result of low energy consumption and low plates, this machine is just recommended for one individual or two in a family. Every household should consider one of the more highly effective engine models for the quantity of water needed.

We recommend you to avoid companies that sell imitator of KanGen Water Machines, unless you are VERY educated and understand the well being risks involved. A number of ionized water machine sellers are presently impersonating the Enagic Firm Kangen Water and are quickly to be revealed to the public. Should you ever feel uneasy or unsure by a salesperson, especially concerning their Kangen Water claims, our advice is to hang up the telephone or go away the presentation immediately. There is a difference between Kangen Water and ionized alkaline water.

California based mostly Enagic exists in the water purification on the MLM facet of the industry. The Enagic website claims they started in June 1974 together with that “Sony’s specialty trading operation, the precursor of Enagic began operations in Okinawa, Japan.”

Enagic seems to have gone full-scale MLM in January 2003 once they opened their first American office.

Enagic, Hironari Oshiro, President and CEO of the Japanesse KanGen Water started Enagic in the US.

Data on Oshiro is unclear as Enagic uses his corporate bio to promote the company itself. That is the power efficient model and most affordable in Enagic’s LeveLuk line.  This unit can produce strong Kangen water with the use of enhancers as well as strong acid water.

The unit is ideal for many who need to expertise the benefits of ingesting Kangen water with a lower value machine which consumes much less electricity that Enagic’s other models.

It is usually excellent for these involved about overdoing the alkalinity in their body.

To know more about this product please visit Join KanGen Water Website,  it Deliver to All over the World. 

There are Big Differences Between Kangen Water And Alkaline Water

Similar but not the same, that's what we want to convey to the lovers of health drinking water. Lots of water - the health of water circulating widely may make you confused to determine which one is good which is not good. 

The same clean water !? A statement we may have heard so often but as we said earlier, the water is similar but not the same. 

Including water with alkaline water or water category that has alkaline pH such as Kangen Water and other brand water circulating widely in the market. 

Oops .. is not Water of Kangen same with alkaline water? Yes, exactly, we used to think the same, but after hearing the explanation from dr. Zaidul Akbar a Herbal expert & author of a healthy style book ala Rasulullah who examines the workings of Kangen Water machine we are finally more enlightened and believe that Kangen Water is different from Alkaline Water. 

So, what are the difference? Let's discuss. Alkaline Water and Kangen Water have the same pH base, but the manufacturing process is very different. Alkaline water is an ordinary water which adds a number of alkaline minerals so that its pH rises or turns into a base, there is a process of adding mineral elements there so it is natural to think that drinking lots of alkaline water can be harmful because it can lead to alkalosis (excess base) Acidosis (excess acid). 

How about kangen wate? As we all know, Kangen water has 3 advantages that make it special: High Anti Oxidant, Micro Cluster and Alkalizing. 

Before we discuss where the difference, it will be easier to understand if we know the process of the occurrence of raw water (ordinary water pH 7) into water Kangen. 

Kangen water machine is a medical device that has been recognized 6500 doctors in Japan which is an electrolysis machine, again electrolysis not a water purification machine or reverse osmosis which is widely known in the world. 

Electrolysis converts electrical energy into chemical energy. Simply plain water which is the source water when through a miss water machine will experience a "lightning struck" process generated by a titanium plate so that the molecular structure changes from a macro cluster into a micro cluster. 

To simplify understanding, we give you an illustration, you imagine a grape, then a plastic bottle of mineral water packaging say 1.5 liter volume, call it XXX brand mineral water pack. 

The question is how do you put one strand of grape into the bottle? Exactly, you need to divorce the grape one by one,  so easy to enter into the bottle, which is called the dissociation process from macro cluster to micro cluster, can be imagined, thought up here? Okay, yes, the dissociation process causes the separation of water molecules: H2O (MACRO CLUSTER) → H + + OH- (micro cluster) The process (dissociation) causes the pH of water to rise and contains high antioxidants as supply electrons for body cells lost due to free radicals. 

There is no addition of any substance in this dissociation process so Kangen Water is safe if consumed like drinking water that we consume daily. Because of this dissociation process Kangen Water is more accurately referred to as Alkalizing Water instead of Alkaline Water. 

In conclusion Kangen water and alkaline water both contain alkaline pH but the treatment process is very different, alkaline water due to the addition of mineral base, while the kangen water produced by Leveluk JR II due to the dissociation process, so it is not surprising that alkaline water in broad market does not contain micro cluster and anti oksidant worth positive (no anti-oxidant) contains only basic pH. Even the role of micro cluster is very important because it becomes a "driver" for alkaline pH and anti oxidants so effectively enter the cells of our body.

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