Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Should You Own an Alkaline Water Machine?

You can indeed consume alkaline water on a regular basis by making reservations to distributors in your cities. However, in the long run, this method is very ineffective and very inefficient. Whereas the disease prevention program, which is the main and greatest benefit of alkaline water consumption, should be done continuously for life by the whole family.


There are at least 8 (eight) benefits of having your own alkaline water production machine in your home:

  1. Production costs from USD 0 to USD $0.1 only per liter with electricity consumption only 120-240 watts for 15-20 minutes per day. No need to spend money when using your tap water OR branded mineral water.
  2. The Engine warranty up to 3-5 years, but machine age can reach 20-25 years with easy maintenance, simple, and semi-automatic.
  3. Maximum water production reaches 500 liters per day, meaning enough for 50 families. Thus, not only families at home, but your entire extended family can be healthy because you can drink alkaline water regularly.
  4. Levels of antioxidants when the exit machine is still very high, but will decrease dramatically in 18-24 hours. By producing daily alkaline water directly from the engine, the whole family can enjoy abundant antioxidants to neutralize free radicals (toxins) that enter the body every day.
  5. By owning the machine your self, the entire extended family will be healthier without the need to take much medicine and reduce the frequency of doctor consultation and medical check-up. Healthy living in a fun, easy, cheap, effective, and efficient way.
  6. By owning a machine, you are like having your own pharmacy at home. In addition to drinking water, from the same machine can be produced mouthwash and canker sores, skin and acne treatments, eye drops and ear drops, diabetes wound care, joint rheumatic compress, antiseptic (red medicine) and hand sanitizer, pesticide solvents from rice / vegetables , and many more.
  7. With engine prices starting at Only $2,120 (Include Tax and Shipping) you can open a business of "pharmacy" itself without the need to rent a place of business. Alkaline water is easy to market because of its immediate and meaningful health benefits. Loyal customers will reorder regularly, and net profit is also very large, can reach 10 times the capital, so you are very easy to recruit many resellers.
  8. After purchasing your own machine, you directly have the business right to market alkaline water machine to everyone. Have more financial freedom and more time for your beloved family through this tremendous potential business.


You can contact the distributor of alkaline water machine sales in your city, or better yet, you can get it through us, Japan KanGen Water,  we will deliver to all around the world.


  1. Complete Services: Free installation Guidance to All Over the World, technical consultation and 24 hour engine maintenance by technicians with an alkaline water production experience of more than 10,000 liters per month.
  2. Flexible Purchasing System: There is a monthly payment system starting from  and a non-interest bearing loan without collateral (even without installment) program for up to 12 months.
  3. 24-Hour Online Scientific Education Guide: Join Whatsapp Group JKW, to get an alkali water usage consultation on various diseases from the latest scientific literature, guided by health practitioners (nurses, midwives, GPs, specialists), experienced in combining benefits alkaline water with the advancement of medical science in medicine as well as the prevention of various diseases.
  4. Four Leading Approaches in Marketing of Alkali Water Machines. JKW interested in running the alkali water machine marketing business with four main approaches: - scientific-based (scientific-based) & preventive medicine - time-and-family friendly, and friendly - full-direct support (full-direct-support) - optimizing marketing via Whatsapp, Facebook & YouTube.
  5. Periodic Education & Free of Cost. Health education programs and business introductions are conducted on a regular basis every week at representative offices free of charge. We also continue to pioneer the cooperation with health practitioners' colleagues to open JKW branches in various cities, to get closer to helping our team members.
  6. Flexible & Innovative Network Development Method. Our team develops and builds network with long term education program.
  7. And many benefits of Joining our Network on Japan KanGen Water.

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