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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Benefits

Drinking water is very important for our body and keep it in healthy condition. We're not talking about how much water need to be consumed everyday, but what type of water which we have to drink for a better life. You came to this article because of looking Alkaline Water Benefits, so We hope to give you the best perception about alkaline as we can do, but sure, you can research more from other resources in the internet or literatures.

Alkaline Water is not the same like many types of water in the world, it has a lot of Hydrogen, that's why it called as Hydrogen Rich Water (HRW) in the scientist level. Hydrogen in the water devines the pH level of the water, so, Alkaline Water has the Higher pH, normally about 8,5 to 9,5 as the highest level that accepted by our body. It's not good if you consume Water with pH 10 above, it will damage your body function precisely.

Our body contains too much acid, so it is very susceptible to disease. Especially in the Heart, Lungs and Kidney, even in the brain will also be very influential if our body is too acidic. Remember, that acid is a nest of germs to thrive, disease easily attacks us on acidic body condition.

To counter the acidic conditions of the body, it needs alkaline substances, therefore, to obtain alkaline substances easily is through Alkaline Water. With the presence of Alkaline Water that is able to neutralize the acid in the body, then we can fight the disease by itself without the need to take medicine.

Do We Need Alkaline Water Machine, While we Can Buy Cheap Bottle Ionized Water in the Market?

Before we discuss about the Benefits of having Alkaline Water Machine, let's see what are the Benfits of Alkaline Water itself:

Alkaline water: Make the drinking water to be alkaline, neutralizes human body’s acidic substances and keep balance of the body system. Maintain a healthy pH figure and protect liver from the harm that nicotine and alcohol might do.

Negative potential water: Normal water will be adjusted to be negative potential water with an ORP below than -200mV in about 3-5 minutes. It is a strong anti-oxidant which removes free radicals, enhance immunity and keep us from aging.

Add beneficial microelements: Various natural mineral substances are set out which provide body with necessary microelements and improve every organs to grow healthy.

Energizes water with small molecular clusters structure: With strong osmosis, diffusibility and oxygen-affinity, the energized water bringing nutrient and more oxygen is easily absorbed into the body cells, and easily takes the waste and toxins from our body cells. It quite improves metabolism.

Another Advantages of Drinking Alkaline Water are Explained Bellow:

Poisonous substances are inclined to accumulate in adipose tissue. The higher the fat stage in your physique, the more toxins you have. Alkaline water may be useful by balancing the pH level and stimulating the processes of metabolism, by cleaning your body. What is more, staying hydrated means that you can do better workouts, due to this fact burning extra calories. Alkalinity helps to withstand the lactic acid that is construct up in the muscles. The longer it’s possible, the longer your physique can successfully burn calories. The recovery time after doing sport will be sooner, making you more energized and improving the overall performance. Anti-getting old

Are you scared of dropping your radiant, younger-trying face and noticing wrinkles round your eyes? In that case, drinking ionized water will enable you stop that, as it multiplies the antioxidant potential of vitamin C, which helps your organism to neutralize harmful free radicals. Combined, it’s easier for the physique to absorb. To take action, simply mix your alkaline water made in the Water Ionizer with contemporary lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange juices or pieces. Wholesome and scrumptious! Hydration

Staying hydrated has a big effect on our overall well being and mood. Dehydration causes complications, issues with focus, dry pores and skin and muscle cramps. Alkaline water hydrates you higher than the normal drinking water. Because of that your pores and skin condition will improve, will probably be more moisturized and firm and the cellulite will probably be reduced. If your body is acidified and dehydrated alkaline water will enhance the absorption of water by regulating the pH level. Another important challenge to maintain the nutritious minerals is to drink water often, in small sips. Detoxing

Ionized water works as a daily cleanse to your body. It will possibly "disinfect" your intestines and contribute to elevated safety against pathogenic micro-organisms. Your kidney can be cleansed from acidic toxins. Increased level of antioxidants will help blood cleansing. The results of detoxified physique can be seen within the higher mood, well being and good skin condition. Bone health

In case your body is acidic it'll begin to steal the calcium out of your bones. Alkaline water incorporates useful minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that you must have healthy bones. It’s also lowering the amount of calcium that's discharged in the urine.

For proper calcium, it's also essential to handle the fitting dose of movement. Throughout train we stimulate the whole organism making it work better. In the case of calcium deficiency, the movement works in two ways - first, it strengthens the muscle mass and coordination, which makes us extra steady and fewer more likely to turn over, and secondly increases the weight of the bone, forcing us to tackle extra weight.

Digestive Health Aspects

Do you may have problems with constipations, colitis or free bowels? If sure, drinking alkaline water will reduce these signs, as some parts of the digestive tract are pH sensitive. If the pH steadiness is not healthy, the improper enzymes might begin working, which leads to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. Get an ionized water bottle and neglect concerning the stomach pains! Heart health

Time to maintain your heart earlier than it assaults! Studies has proven that alkaline water reduces heart pressure. What's more it lowers cholesterol in individuals with minerals deficiency. Your coronary heart will be pleased about the ionized water with out toxins, rich in minerals with the suitable stage of pH. Improved hydration makes it simpler for the guts to pump the blood. Reduction of acid reflux

Reflux illness is a syndrome attributable to reflux by the ingestion of stomach contents into the esophagus. With meals swallowed up, gastric acid and digestive enzymes also return to the esophagus, ensuing in the burning feeling. In case you are scuffling with extra acid in your stomach, alkaline water could also be helpful. It is going to neutralize the acids and will have an effect on the production of certain enzymes. No extra heartburn emotions in your chest. Stress much less

Stress, fast temp of life, consuming in hurry or irregular exercising - all of that weakens our physique and doesn't allow us to fully take pleasure in the proper health. The best hydration stage and detoxified physique will result in stress relief and higher sleep. You’ll really feel extra relaxed and rested, having more vitality and residing life to the fullest.

Water is an Important Key to a Good Life

When you understand that your body is mostly water, you will know how important that water is to your health. water brings nutrients to the cells in your body. it will lubricant our body tissues and it will also bring the wastes out of your body. Water is the most needed molecule in life, After Air. Without water you will die.

Percentage of water in the body is about 70 to 75 percent. children and adults who are very healthy in the body there is 75% water, and based on research results that dehydration is usually associated with many diseases.

Why Alkaline Water is different than Water from the Tap?

Alkaline minerals needed by the body such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to balance your body's ph into a healthy condition.

KanGen Water contains a high level of antioxidants. water antioxidants help your body to fight free radicals.

Drinking KanGen Water Provides Sooooo Many Benefits

Our bodies need a pH balance but unfortunately our daily diet is often too acidic. the alkaline water of the water performs a miracle by providing the alkaline buffer needed by our body. one of the benefits and benefits that can be given by kangen water that he will help balance the pH in our body.

Kangen Water machines give you different levels of water pH, so you can provide the appropriate pH buffer as needed. has an alkaline pH buffer making the cells in your body to clean itself of the acidic wastes it produces and this acid waste is one of them including fat! without a constant ph buffer, the cells in our body must withstand the acid waste and this is very unhealthy to your cells and tissues.

your body will steal alkali mineral buffers from joints, bones and muscles to get the ph buffer it needs. this protective mechanism will keep you from suffering, but the side effects of the theft of alkaline minerals

The easiest and most effective way to start drinking ionized water is to get the Original Japanese Kangen Water Ionizer Machine, which can ionize your water up to 1000 Liters per Day. From now on you can have your healthy water wherever you are. Drink alkaline water to stay healthy and happy!

Here are the Benefits of Owning Kangen Alkaline Water Machine in Your Home:

Those who have bought Kangen Water Machines have no regrets at all by spending their money on something that is very beneficial to theirself and their beloved family. The benefits are as follows:

Kangen Alkaline Water Machine is a machine with capable of making alkaline water of water that is attached to a tap water faucet at your home where this water can divide water into two streams of water, acidic and alkaline water. This machine is also called a water ionization machine and it has 2 hoses or an output pipe. alkaline water produced from this machine whose function for drinking will be removed from the top of the pipe or also called a flexible pipe, while the acidic water will be removed from the bottom pipe.

Depending on the flow of water and the setting of your water missile machine, the alkaline water that comes out usually ranges from ph 8.5 to pH 9.5 (sometimes this ph will be higher if your water source from the beginning has high alkali properties, though this is not common ).

Some people ask whether there is still a benefit to ionize water into alkaline water if the source of the raw water they use is alkaline with a pH above 7? the answer yes, because the water ionized through the machine will become alkaline water and enrich with antioxidants and water molecules will also be restructured. while your tap water or raw water is not. So it is still useful to calculate raw water, although initially already alkaline, but it will still change if it is inserted through the machine.

We are no longer dependent on the purchase of bottled water, some people are very busy to buy refills in the store and packed with two or three gallons of 19 liters, sometimes even when we are busy in the middle of the night we forget the drinking water supplies run out. By having a Kangen Water machine at home this makes our family have a drinking water supply at any time there at home even we can give to relatives or neighbors who lack of drinking water.

One of the greatest benefits of having Kangen Water Machine is the ability of the OH-ion or its antioxidant to penetrate the cell wall and work there to neutralize free radicals where other types of antioxidants will not be as strong as water missions. pole of the cathode (electrode having positive charge) in the electrolysis chamber of the water miss machine produces the smallest, most natural and most basic antioxidant, H2- or antioxidant hydrogen, also known as meolekular hydrogen or hydrogen gas. The h2- anti-oxidant is soluble in the water of the water and will be stable in the water for several hours. the reason why this hydrogen molecule is the most powerful antioxidant is because of its very small size. their size is as big as one single elekron, and these microscopic antioxidants can enter the cells and give them the benefit of antioxidants directly to the cells.

Indeed, the initial investment has Kangen Water machine is quite expensive but seen from the benefits for health and long term was comparable. We can calculate how much it costs to buy 19 liter drinking water in one family and in 1 year multiplied by 10 years. Then the cost is more expensive than the purchase of Kangen Water Machine that its life span more than 10 years.

By having Kangen Water machine at home we can use for some benefits besides for family health drink that is Anti High Oxidant, Micro-Clustered and Alkaline. We Absolutely Can Make Our Own:

a). Beauty Water

Beauty Water is now a lot of housewives and teenage girls have been wearing it because of its natural and in accordance with human skin conditions. Beauty Water Kangen is widely used to: protect the skin by maintaining the pH levels covered by hypodermic skin, preventing damage to Acid Mantle as a protective skin, brightens the face, rejuvenates the skin and cleanses the skin.

b). Srong Acidic Water

SA Is a type of electrolysis water of Kangen Water machine that contains Hypochlorite Acid with a range of pH 2.5 and ORP above 1100 ml volts so it has good oxidation and disinfectant power. Very good for desinektan / antiseptik, can be used to remove acne, mouth wash, hand clean, close the wound to dry quickly.

c). Strong KangenWater

Strong Kangen has pH 11.5 can be used for eyewash and ear cleaner, dissolves bad fats in the intestine and cholesterol in the blood (drunk in limited doses). Strong Kangen often used sterilize for fruit, vegetables and rice from pesticides.

Enagic Kangen Water uses the promotion media from the owner of the machine itself considering the cost of promotion of print and electronic media which is very expensive. The machine owner can recommend to others the advantage of having a Kangen Water Machine, if he/she is an active member as an online distributor like us and making a sale will be given a fee on its sale, the system is not base on Common MLM structure but a 8 Points Direct Selling System. But it is up to those who are interested in running aspects of the business or not, it's a choice of each. Those who want business or extra income will get rewards from the company.

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