Sunday, September 3, 2017

How to Calculate 2A Speedy Achievement Bonus Campaign

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This Special Bonus Program is Only Available for the New Distributor who are Register between 4th and 30th September 2017. If they Reach 2A in a Week they will Get Additional Bonus about $1,500 USD, and the Good News is,  their Direct Sponsor also get the same Prize of $1,500 USD.

If You Are the New Distributor Register Before September then you are not qualified,  but the challange is,  You need to have a new Downline in this month and helping them to become 2A in a Week,  so You and Your 2A Downline are qualified to get USD $1,500 each other.

How about more than a week,  don't worry,  they will also get a Great Bonus from Enagic.  The new 2A Distributor in this month will get $1,000 if they reach their 2A Rank Achievement in 2 Weeks, $500 for 3 weeks and $250 for 4 weeks Achievement after register this September. Also the Direct Sponsor will get the same Bonus Value,  this is the reason why we and your sponsor will and have to help you to Achieve your first 2A Rank in Enagic Empire.

All this type of Bonus is eligible for the Type A Distributor,  where they are Machine Distributors with the 3 Machine Direct Sales.  The Machine type including Kangen K8, SD501, SDPT,  S501, JrⅡ, Anespa, R (new price), Ukon Σ New.

All these Type of Machines are very popular choice in our JKW Network,  so we suggest you to choose one of the machine type above.

If you have any more question,  please feel free to contact us or do a live chat for a quick reply.

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