Saturday, September 2, 2017

Newest Leveluk R Machine Price and Distributor Bonus Poin List

Kangen Leveluk R Machine Price Rise Plans has been globally announced. Initially the price of Leveluk R was only about $ 1,480 and now become $ 1,980. The cheapest price is in Indonesia, about $ 1,925 but you have to buy it only through our website, you can contact us directly via Live Chat and can ask how the purchase process easily.

We also provide other products of these Leveluk Type of Kangen Water Machine, for that please consult our team of doctors and expert teams immediately before the price of other kangen water machine ride.

The price-rising discourse of all types of engines has been in circulation since July of this year, but it seems that the new Leveluk R is realized, this is a price spike that occurs due to the high market demand and more and more users around the world. The bonus offered at this new price is also interesting, which is $ 80 (not yet tax-deductible) where it was previously $ 60 only. While the SP or Special Point Bonus of $ 100 (Not yet withhold Tax) which was previously only $ 90.

So, than you are confused and wait for other prices to go up, let's get the machine now before the old stock price runs out. Based on the official announcement from Mr. Hironari Ohshiro that this price increase is due to the rising prices of materials. This will also be offset by improvements in product quality and services provided by Enagic International.

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