Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why Do We Need an Electrolyzed Reduced Water Machine?


Since it was first made in Japan in the 1960s, electrolysis machines began to get approval from Japan's Ministry of Health in 1966. Since then, millions of Japanese people have used this machine in their daily lives up to the present day.

The designers of this machine, found that in addition to producing alkaline water, with these electrolysis machines they can also produce water with a very high pH and a very low pH. From this machine can be produced water that is very acidic with pH 2.5 (or known medically as Strong Electrolyzed Oxydizing Water or Strong Acid Water), and water that is very alkaline with pH 11.5 (Strong Electrolyzed Reduced Water or Strong Alkaline Water).

Apparently, one of the benefits of water with a very low pH and very high is to dissolve pesticides from vegetables, fruits, and rice that we will consume. Still do not believe it? Check it out.

THE RESEARCH: Removal of six pesticide residues in cowpea with alkaline electrolysed water. Han Y, et al. J Science and Food Agriculture, 2016. (Search for This Journal)

SUMMARY: Reduction of six pesticide residues in cowpea by alkaline electrolysed water (AlEW) solutions with different pH was investigated. Results showed that the removal effect of AlEW solution was superior to tap water, 5% sodium chloride, 5% sodium carbonate and 5% acetic acid solution. Alew with pH 12.2 has more potential to eliminate the six pesticides in cowpeas. Moreover, the reduction of pesticide residues gradually increases with the increase of washing time. This study demonstrated that Alright solution with pH of 12.2 could be used to reduce pesticide residues on fresh cowpea samples.

CONCLUSION: Water with a high pH (12.2) can be used to reduce pesticide residue on cowpea, and better than tap water, salt solution, sodium bicarbonate solution, and acetic acid solution.

By having an electrolysis water machine, we can produce water with a very high (or very low) pH to wash food to significantly reduce its pesticide content. The remaining pesticides, while still possessing free radical properties, can be neutralized by regular drinking of alkaline water (pH 8.5 to 9.5).

Alkaline water, when newly produced directly from the engine, has a very high antioxidant content, which can bind not only pesticides, but other free radicals that enter our bodies and loved ones. Antioxidants from electrolysis machines, in addition to increasing the potential of other antioxidants, also has six advantages over other antioxidants we usually consume.

Having your own home electrolysis machine means you have your own alkaline water generating machine, personal antioxidant generating machine and exclusive pesticide washers for up to 20-25 years.

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