Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why the KanGen Water Machine Prices are Very Expensive

Some say in his black campaign article, saying that the machine is soooo EXPENSIVE because of marketing channels through Multi Level Marketing, but had he ever thought about how the distribution of goods to the whole world? 

Imagine, for the cost of delivery from the Capital to the Area where you live has cost about $4 to $5 USD per Kilogram? what if a product is shipped between countries? it is a narrow thought, because the distribution path of a product is not as easy as one might imagine. 

Smartphones, small objects with very small raw materials and manufacturing costs can be of high value, this is because the selling value is not only based on the value of raw materials and distribution channels, but also the value of technology that must be maintained to appreciate the work of others. 

It is very natural that KanGen Water has a high value, because in addition to technology, Kangen Water has proven a remarkable achievement, many people who have recovered from the illness, from mild to severe illness. Those who say that the price of this machine is expensive, it turns out that behind them they sell counterfeit, fake alkaline machines that have no benefit at all with cheaper prices even super cheap and the quality of the Big Zero. 

If Kangen Water machine has a fantastic price for them, this is because they do not understand about the distribution channel. Kangen water distributes its products with Direct Selling system, ie direct sales to distributors, then distributors meet with prospective distributors, does not this cut the cost of distribution? imagine if KanGen Water implements a conventional distribution system that requires a very expensive cost, maybe the price is not as cheap as it is today, more expensive for sure. 

Because the distribution channels are very tight, far, winding and through some extreme conventional trading channels. One KanGen Water Machine weighs 8 to 15 Kg, please think in a reasonable and realistic way, how much does it cost to distribute these quality products around the world? we can judge by its weight it is seen how much it costs to be paid to the courier, not to mention entering a country, going through a very strict examination, high taxes, bureaucratic tortuous. 

For that, let us think more clearly so as not to be affected by people who want to sell a super-cheap copies of that product. Since Kangen Water has become the world's preferred choice as an alkaline water machine at home, many emulating products emerge, offering the same quality at lower prices. This makes no sense at all, they make without technology, without KanGen Water's secret expertise, even without a comprehensive knowledge, they think the plates that work on it only need to regulate the incoming power, but the fact is there is a secret hidden behind it, and this is known only to KanGen Water company owners in Japan. 

Whether the money you pay to pay for this expensive machine will make the Japanese richer, yes, he will be the Richest man in the World, but not all the money you give would be belonging to him, because there is a Distributor right, he returns this money to the distributors to appreciate the efforts of those who invite you to live healthier, more special and better than what you live today. 

Never mind, just never think emotionally again and again, just follow our footsteps who have felt the change of life, from being often hospitalized to never again go to the doctor and the family to be peaceful and peaceful because our bodies are healthy so look for liveliness even more excited.

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