Monday, December 25, 2017

How To Buy Enagic Original Japan KanGen Water Machine Without Credit Card in USA and Canada

There's only one option for the payment in the Enagic Website,  You must use Credit Card or Valid Debit USA and Canada Card to Purchase the KanGen Water Machine Online.

In order to buy this miracle water machine without the only one option like that,  we can help you how to transfer using the Official Enagic Bank Account OR I can help you by transfering your budget to My Bank Account.

If You are an American or Canadian I recomend you to use the USA or CA enagic bank account only.

After you fill up the form which I provide,  then I'll Guide you how to connect to the Enagic Office.

The form is containing my full name and ID because you need a sponsor to have this fantastic Hidrogen Rich Water Machine.

As a Good Sponsor,  I'll Guide you how to purchase this without using any credit cards and how to do this Multi-Million Dollars Business.

If you want to Purchase using my country price (Indonesian Price), you need to transfer to My Bank Account,  it's very easy,  just contact me via WhatsApp and I'll give you the simple way to make this transaction occur. So, I'll deliver the machine from my country,  we can discuss the process,  about the tax,  the shipping cost and method.

Just for your information that our country price are cheapest than other countries,  this is the best and cheapest way to join as an official distributor of Enagic, also you can sell all enagic products to all over the world.

My contact number can be found in the contact page of this blog or in the sidebar,  you may use WA or Facebook chat,  just make it simple ;) Just let us knowing each other to make this business become our main income to get the bestest life.

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