Monday, December 25, 2017

Indonesia Orders Will be Indent for 5 Months

An Official Announcement from PT. Enagic Indonesia said that the Next Order for any types of KanGen Water Machine will be Indent for 5 Months.

This happened because of the over capacity of demands in this Country for specially since the 2A Speedy Achievement Bonus Challange in September 2017.

For the Speedy Program orders will be processed at the maximum time estimeted at the end of January 2018. So,  the next order will be process as usual but the machine delivery will be up to 5 months from the order date untill normal stock is available.

Also the Announcement came from Enagic Official Osaka Japan that there are So Many Orders of Leveluk JRII type.

So,  you can choose other type like SD501 or SD501 Platinum to purchase,  maybe these type will not be indent untill 5 months,  I will provide you the detail information if you Join under my Sponsorship.

Also I can Accept order from all countries not only from Indonesia. There are many Different procedure in each country. Just contact me to let you know the process.

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