Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Enagic Dietary Tips: Drink Alkaline, Avoid Acidic and Eat Regularly

I took this picture from the Hospital. This is the one of medical treatment for a Gastric Ulcer.  This medicine should not be injected to our veins frequently because as we know that every kind of drug is very danger if we take it very often. It will damage our Liver.

To avoid the drug addicted condition,  we should change our dietary program. In Enagic,  there are only 3 important points. We suffer from Gastric Ulcer or Gastritis or some kind like Dyspepsia,  is because of our bad habbit of dieting. 

We eat irregularly everyday,  that's why the Gaster works so hard to balance the body condition. The very first thing we have to do is,  eat regularly,  no excuse for that. We have to spare our time to eat when the meal time is coming. 

Secondly,  we need to drink much Alkaline Water. The reason is,  just check our other articles based on research about Alkaline Water from this blog. 

The Third Point is,  Avoid Acidic Food or Beverage. This is because too much Acid in our stomach will make the stomach more acidic, because the stomach also secretes acid when something comes into it. 

That's All for the Dietary Tips Today,  Don't forget to enjoy your life and have fun. Ask your Friend who have joined Enagic Program to Know more about other Enagic Dietary Tips. 

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