Thursday, January 18, 2018

Enagic Machine for Home Use, Alkaline and Acid Washing System as Seen on Hospital Laboratory

YESSS!!! I Found this in the laboratory of a Hospital in My City. They use Alkaline and Acid Washing System to Wash the Labs Tools before using them to analyze things.

As we have known that Alkaline and Acidic Water can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, also we can wash the kitchen set using this system. 

The alkaline is used for removing fat and the Acid water is used for antiseptic system. 

The Good News 👍 is We don't need to get it only from the Laboratory,  we can make this very high technology cleaning system in our own home by Enagic. 

How can we do this with Enagic? Please contact to your Friend who share this Article 😉

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