Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Enagic True Health Workshop in Wheeling, West Virginia (WV)

The Enagic TrueHealth Workshop comes to Wheeling,  WV this January 2018. Please save the date and time on February 24th,  2018 at 9am to 5pm.

Are you or your family suffering from illness? Are you taking any medicine and taking any medicine but not healed? Could be, this information will be a way of healing for you or your family. 

Because as much as your treasure, when ill comes then you can not enjoy your life. 

Are you an employee looking for a sideline for additional income? Or you are a successful entrepreneur who has tried various businesses with big capital but not much profit? Or are you a bewildered baccalaureate looking for a job? Or are you a young person who wants to learn to be a businessman with fantastic results? Or you are a person who is in debt and want to pay off your debts soon? Or are you a laborer who has many dreams and wants to make it happen for a better life? Or are you a retire who wants to find a busy life that not only produces but also benefits others? 

Good news for you in Wheeling,  WV and its surroundings, Our Truehealth Amazing Community will provide you with a health information. 

Not only physical health, but also our financial, social and mental health with True Health

Imagine, when you already have exceptional physical health, you who are employees or retirees have extra income beyond your salary. 

Imagine, how many people can you help for a better life? with the Assist curriculum of the Amazing Truehealth Community regardless of your background, regardless of your circumstances, we invite you to successful congregation that is within 1 - 3 years of earning at least $10,000 in a month.  
Want to know how? 

Therefore, especially for those of you who want to realize the dream come true, empty the schedule make sure present in the event. 

You're not going to miss it because there will be the most powerfull speakers: Marilyn Wetzel Caporini with Rank 6A who is the Certifiet Senior Trainer,  and Sabine Gaudette with Enagic Rank 6A3-2 Certified Master Trainer. 

The workshop will be divided in to 4 Session. We will discuss about the enagic product and business presentation then Lunch Break. Distributor Recognition Time and for the Distributor Training. 

You're gonna be exited to join this workshop.  Get invited by us now.  If you are not a Distributor yet please Click This WhatsApp Online Registration

But If you are already an Enagic Distributor,  please consult to your Leader. We only help a new person who wants to join with us in this Business. 

Don't Forget to Bring Your Team to the Mclure Hotel,  1200 Market Street, Wheeling, WV 26003.

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