Friday, January 12, 2018

The Six (6) Rules of Enagic Girls

Hello,  welcome back EnagicPreneurs.  This time I wanna show you how to become an Energic Enagic Girls in a Few Rules. This is Dedicated For every Enagic Girls in the World. If you are not an Enagic Girl yet,  please contact your friend,  your brother,  husband or whoever who can invite you to Join this business.

Okay,  let me check them one by one.  If you begin to feeling down or have no ambition all day long to reach your target,  maybe this Enagic Rules can help you to re-energize your Spirit. 

1.  Enjoy Life

Many people in the world are stress of daily activity,  go to the office,  working for the boss,  trying to make people happy,  but you're not happy at the same time when you have to make other one happy.

So,  why do this happen to us? It's because of many factors including tiredness,  bored,  tension,  pressure and so on...

Why don't you Enjoy all the things you do everyday? Just forget about the tired,  bored or pressure from your partner. Relax and take a deeeep breath.

You know when you're doing this Enagic Business,  you are doing something very blessfull,  you're gonna help people to get the life better by the True Health Program.
We move to educate our family and friends to have a good life. They will be healthy,  they will be happy and they will be successfull,  of course with you and by your hands.

2. Nothing to Lose

Yes,  Nothing to Lose means Everything to Win! Simple. All we have to do is just do it,  even there are many refusal,  make them as the challange to improve your personal skills in public relationship.

There's no term for Lose or Losing in this business. If you don't make a sale today,  you're still not lose,  you are winning the brave,  the energy the powerfull of selling technique.

When you go home and back to your desk,  write everything those are positives to do tomorrow and leave every negatives skills you have done today.

3. Affirmatives Thinking

Have you ever think about something you wanna have and then you have it at the right time and right moment? Yes,  that's the Affirmatives Thinking.

Why don't you try to think something biggest then what are you wanting today?

I have so many experiences in all my life. Everything that I wanted before,  I got it absolutely at the right moment and the right time. For example,  I'm thinking about having the KanGen Machine in August 2017, but what happen next? And then... Booommm Unexpectedly Mr. Oshiro announced the Speedy 2A program for September 2017. This spurred my passion to keep moving, sharing goodness and finally I was able to have my own machine.

Do you feel the same thing what I mean? Yes,  it means we have to think bigger then what we're expecting now.

4. Girl Power

Show your Power to Everyone,  show them that you have all the prove that you have choosen the right thing. I know it's not easy,  but, by only showing about the proof of your self,  some people may pay attention about what will you say to them.

Show them that you're feeling Healthy since you join Enagic,  show them that you are happy now,  have a fresh brain and become more creative than before.

And About the wealthy life,  it will comes directly to your life when you are in healthy condition. You can do something in joyfull. This is one of the reason why Enagic can give you a True Health concept even without selling the Enagic Products.

5. Independent 

Be Independent,  Be Your Self. This is one and the only word that can describe about Enagjc Business. You need to be your own boss,  never wait an order or suggestion to do your own business formula, except you need some idea when your head getting stuck.

Your sponsor as your Partner is always ready to help. Just let's say that he/she is your financial consultant because he/she is not your Boss. You decide the action,  you design the marketing strategy,  but remember you have to follow the rules,  every rules those conected to your business,  because every Enagic Girls also doing the same and keep become an Independent Enagic Girl.

In Enagic,  when you got your ID,  You Are automatically become an Independent Distributor. The word "Independent" is very important to understand, so you must learn much from your leader how to become an Independent Person.

6. Creative

How come a Business getting big and bigger without creativity? Every Business Girl in this world create something with their creativity to expand their business. You can get Creativity without using your own brain.

Remember about the ODM Principle. Observe,  Duplicate and Modificate. Observe your leader,  if you feel better consulting with girl leader, find her,  find the leader who you feel better to communicate, she must in your network line (one line in 8PS),  so she can give you her best idea to bring the success to you.

Now,  after observing what she has done, what makes her successfull in Enagic Business,  the next thing you have to do is.... Duplicate it,  just do the same thing. If you want to go somewhere,  never take a different way if you don't know how to reach the destination.

This is the last thing you have to do to make you become a Creative Enagic Girl,  Modificate what you have Duplicated! By a modification of a business strategy,  you can save time and effort to make your own Creative Strategy.

Focus on your Goal Now. If you feel this article is usefull please share it to your Amazing TEAM! 

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