Thursday, January 11, 2018

Think Simply, Act Completely : Love Your KINGDOM!

Here is our Simple Design for Your Enagic Smartphone. The basic concept of doing all business is just as simple as you Think. We can do all the details job if we start to move step by step. Just do it from the simple step untill we found the way how to Completely doing it and make it perfect. 

In Enagic there are many things we can do to become a Successfull Distributor. Here are 6 simple ways to achieve our Dream in ENAGIC: (This is Not an Enagic Official Principle,  We Made this just for Our Amazing True Health Community)

1. Enter the Community

To become a Successfull Enagic International Independent Distributor we need to be the part of Enagic Family. If you Join Enagic from us,  we make sure that you will be invited to Our Enagic Family and Commumity.  This is very important,  because we will grow our business together,  learn and do the business with thousands of excited person all over the world. 

In our Community,  there is a proven system that will bring us to achieve the 6A Rank in only 1 to 3 Years. The choice is in your hands,  Join the Right Community or Working Alone Forever? 

2. No Excuse

Every kind of business has it's own problems,  obstacles and hurdles. But,  if we can face them all with the iron heart and full of patience,  we can pass them through. There are No Excuse,  No Reasons to Stop or Not Doing anything to improve your self. By learning with us your spirit will never die!

3. Act and Act and Act

Take Action,  never quite. If we can't act to educate people about Enagic,  just write them on your desk. We have to move and move to reach our purposes. 

There's a great quote from my favourite movie:

"Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lay down, never lay down when you can sleep, and NEVER pass a supply of clean water.” -Sledge (The Pacific)

This means that we need to stay Alert,  just Act even we fall a sleep,  put your Dream in everything you do. Never pass a supply,  means that we have to take every chance,  never pass it away even we're sleeping. 

4. Go Public

On October 19, 2012 at 03:36 pm, the world population will reach 7 billion inhabitants. The UN Population Assembly set the date of October 12, 1999 as the date on which the world's population reached 6 billion, about 12 years after the world's population reached 5 billion. (Wikipedia). 

This is the Reason why we need to Go Public and make more people happy with Enagic. To reach a 6A Level,  we only need a hundred KanGen Machines. So,  there are still more chances to success in this business. 

By Joining our Amazing True Health Community Program,  you'll be lead by our greatest leaders to start your very own largest business in the world. We never talk about local business anymore,  we'll make a biggest expansion together. 

5. Independent Growing

Our goal is to become the best of the best in this earth, right? And the question is,  what are you waiting for? Depending on someone like your sponsor or leader is the very dangerous thing which can kill your own business. This is your business and you have to grow up your self. 

Okay,  let's say that you must Join the Community,  following and learning from your leader,  but,  you also need to improve your self,  if your sponsor stop reading a selft development book,  you must never stop,  because your business is depending on you. 

The Community is leading you how to do your business then you have to become an Independent Person in anyway. 

6. Create Empire

You wanna be the King of Your Own Kingdom? So you have to Create Your Own Empire. Start building your castle from one wood to another woods, take them here in Enagic's Forest,  learn how to build fortresses from many good Kings here in Eganic's World. They will share and teach expensive Business Strategies on a voluntary basis,  they don't want to be paid,  because they have been paid from the change of your life at the first time you decide it. 

After you have done all the five big steps above,  now you can create your own empire with Enagic. But...  The first thing you have to remember is... Think Simply,  never thinking about the massive work,  you're gonna be tired of thinking because of toooooo many things to think,  so that you can't do anything. 

Stop thinking too much,  start action and complete the job perfectly!!! 

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