Friday, February 9, 2018

What You Can Learn From The Bankruptcy of the "TIME" Magazine Company?

As of 1 February 2018, Time magazine was officially acquired by American media company Meredith. As a result some platforms made by Time Inc., such as Pathfinder, Fortune, Sports Illustrated and People will be very influential. In addition to being triggered by losses from Pathfinders which has spent millions of dollars, Time is considered very slow in following the current development of information technology in this case is the internet. 

Time is less able to compete so that advertisers consider it no longer profitable if it continues to extend cooperation, consequently some big companies like Apple, IMB and Toyota pull their ads from Time. 

Meredith acquired Time for US $ 2.8 billion stake which means that there will now be two giant media companies merged together to increase the number of readers in Meredith's media. 

From this we can learn that in order to be able to compete in the business world both Conventional and Network Marketing, we must be able to compete in the field of information technology, because it is very clear that the Internet is a media that we should not leave as a market granary that contributes to our future income. 

To that end, We will continue to provide up-to-date and up-to-date information on how we can compete against this increasingly unlimited global marketplace. 

We do believe that in the future, marketing techniques will always change, but nowadays, the Internet is a top priority in developing the Network business. Utilizing the existing Internet facilities, such as social media, blogs, vlogs etc. This will be enough to boost our personal branding in the days to come. 

When in Social Media we do not want to update or tell about the products we sell, then how We can introduce our products to a wider market? 

Many Enagic marketers whose Medsos account is just like a Grave, and even have been poked and dabbed still do not budge, is this really want a business anyway? YOU said that you want to go forward, want to succeed, but why not? Just do it,  share every goodnees to whole over the world. 

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